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​​ASBN-Dx-W Light Source

Optimum Illumination for SP's Monochromators



- Wide-range from Deep UV to IR
- Provide maximum possible illumination
- Contains 1" Quartz doublet assembly for optimum coupling
- Easy coupling to optical fibers and/or SP's monochromators
- Assures maximum stability and lifetime of lamps
- Robust mode of operation



ASBN-Dx-W series, single (ASBN-D1-W series) or dual (ASBN-D2-W series) deuterium and Tungsten-halogen hybrid light source consists of one or two 30W deep UV deuterium lamp(s) and a high power tungsten-halogen lamp. The specially designed "see-through" deuterium lamps can allow the light from a secondary source to pass through the same light path as the deuterium lamp. SP uses a proper focusing/collimating doublet lens sets to obtain maximum optical power of the secondary light sources through the small "see-through" hole. Generally, the optical power of deuterium is much lower than that of tungsten-halogen. In some special applications that need high power UV light, the dual deterium version will be more recommended. Please click here to view the manual for this light source.