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ASB-Xe-175 Light Source

Optimum Remote or Direct Illumination



- High Color Temperature (5600°K)
- CERMAX® Collimated
- Xenon Lamp
- Brightness Control (0 - 100%)
- Portable and Lightweight



The ASB-XE-175 is a compact and lightweight high intensity fiber optic light source. It is especially suitable as a light source for spectroscopy, microscopy, optical scanning, and industrial uses, as well as for use with SP's popular Digikröm monochromators and spectrographs. The ASB-XE-175 uses a CERMAX® compact high-intensity xenon lamp, state-of-the-art optics, and a high-efficiency lightweight switching power supply in one compact package. The 175W short-arc xenon lamp provides broadband output from 200 to 2200nm (dominantly, from 250 to 1100nm). This lamp is compact, rugged, and easily focused on a liquid light guide (sold separately). The lamp efficiency is enhanced by the integral parabolic reflector which provides precision system alignment and maximum transition of light energy. Beam stability is achieved instantly following lamp ignition and the ASB-XE-175 provides instant re-ignition without an imposed time delay.

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Type: CERMAX® LX-175-F
Power: 200W (max.)
Power Range: 150 - 200W
Color Temperature: 5600°K
Current: 14A DC (nominal)
Average Life: Typically 1000 hours (500 hours minimum)

Voltage: 12V - 17V (14V nominal)
Trigger Voltage: 25kV
Boost Voltage: 140 - 200V
Current Leakage: < 300mA

ASB-XE-175-EX: UV Extended @ 200-2200nm (dominant @ 250-1100nm)
ASB-XE-175-BF: Ozone blocking @ 400 - 700nm
ASB-XE-175-BFEX: NIR extended & Ozone blocking @ 320-2200nm (dominant @ 320-1100nm)

Weight 7.5lbs (3.4kg)
Input Line

100-120Vac, 50 / 60Hz

220-240Vac, 50Hz

Input Current 3.5A
Environment Operating: +6 to +45°C
Storage: -40 to +70°C
Front Panel Brightness Control (0 - 100%)
Output Aperture
Side Panel Main Power (ON / OFF switch)
Line Cord Jack (IEC 320)
(US to IEC Line Cord included)
Fuse Holder - MDL-5

Damage to glass or fused silica fiber optic lightguides can occur due to high temperatures associated with Xenon lamps 

(except BF version).