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AB series Automated Filter Wheels

Versatile Computer Controlled Filter Wheels


- Low Cost

- High Performance

- USB 2.0 

- Multiple Filter Wheel systems are available

- Threaded capture rings allow easy change of filters







AB300-T A 6-position wheel that integrates with SP's popular Digikröm and meter monochromators.
Plugging directly into the Digikröm, resident software commands allow easy manipulation to filter higher-order energy.
It can also be controlled by your handheld controller. The AB300 uses 1" diameter filters.
AB301-T A stand-alone, 6-position 1" filter wheel that is stepper motor controlled via USB 2.0
and can be used with SP's 1/8 meter compact monochromators for order sorting purposes.
AB302-T A stand-alone, 5-position 2" filter wheel that is ideal for LIDAR applications.
Stepper motor controlled via USB 2.0. It can be combined with AB301-T's, AB302-T's, and AB303-T's in multiple filter wheel systems.
AB303-T A stand-alone, 12-position 1/2" filter wheel that is stepper motor controlled via USB 2.0. 
Ideal for multiple monochromatic illumination applications.
AB304-T A stand-alone, 12-position 1" filter wheel that is stepper motor controlled via USB 2.0.
Ideal for multiple monochromatic illumination applications.

When used with narrow-band interference filters, you can select up to 12 specific band-passes for monochromatic illumination. This provides maximum throughput with excellent stray light rejection.


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Not only are these filter wheels ideal for use with monochromators, spectrographs, and spectrophotometers, but they can be easily integrated with microscopes, flow cytometers, fluorimeters, and fluorescence photometers. Neutral density filters will allow for photometric linearity and dynamic range studies. Modern communication multiplexing capabilities provide the capability of combining any number of these filter wheels in an integrated system.



AB300 series

AB300-T, AB301-T, AB303-T, AB304-T ± 0.004" from center of optical axis
AB302-T ± 0.030" from center of optical axis
Filter Change Speed
AB300-T, AB-301-T 0.5s per position
AB302-T 1.1s per position
AB303-T 0.25s per position
AB304-T 0.5s per position
Drive Stepper Motor
AB300-T 6 - 1.0" diameter filters
AB301-T 6 - 1.0" diameter filters
AB302-T 5 - 2.0" diameter filters
AB303-T 12 - 0.5" diameter filters
AB304-T 12 - 1.0" diameter filters
Clear Aperture / max. Filter Thickness
AB300-T Slot 1.0" x 0.44" 0.25" thickness
AB301-T 0.875" Ø 0.25" thickness
AB302-T 1.825" Ø 0.5" thickness
AB303-T 0.400" Ø 0.25" thickness
AB304-T 0.875" Ø 0.25" thickness
Control DCE
8-bits protocol
no parity
1 stop bit
USB2.0 (GPIB optional)
baud rates programmable
Software Demo program and LabView driver provided
Manual Control Push button switch with 1 position advance