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Monochromators act as tunable bandpass filters for light. They are the critical component for many spectral applications since they can be used to create tunable light sources and also to take high precision spectral measurements. The Digikröm line of monochromators, available in 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 meter focal lengths, use electronics that are 'designed-in', rather than appended via accessories or other add-ons after the instrument has been manufactured. The Direct Digital Drive is simple and reliable; a microprocessor-controlled stepper motor, moving in wavelength increments as small as .01nm per step, is linked directly to the grating mount by a worm and worm wheel arrangement. This results in improved accuracy, automatic grating changes and exceptional ruggedness.



Because each Digikröm contains its own microprocessor, it is controlled via a standard serial port (RS232), IEEE-488 port (GPIB) option, or with SP's hand-held controller option. This compatibility allows your computer, for example, to make automatic adjustments of bandwidth through motorized slits, to select gratings, choose scan speeds and to store your changes in memory. This versatility is intrinsic to the instrument.



SP monochromators can be applied to various applications: includes semiconductor, biomedical, manufacturing, petrochemicals, pulp/paper, clinical labs, QC labs, research & development, pharmaceutical, environmental control, polymers, mining/metals.

Spectral Products offers a full line of monochromators.


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