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Xenon Light Source

Light Source

- Provides optimum illumination for monochromators
- High intensity (5600°K) Xenon output
- Contains high intensity 175W Xenon lamp

  with parabolic reflector




Xe is a general light source for UV, visible, and NIR range spectroscopic applications. The spectrum curve in the visible range is relatively flat compared to other light sources. The 175W Xe light source (Xe spectrum) is a compact and lightweight high intensity light source. It is especially suitable as a light source for spectroscopy, microscopy, optical scanning, and industrial uses, as well as for use with SP's popular Digikröm monochromators and spectrographs. According to the bulb type, it can cover ~185-2200nm (dominantly, ~250-1100nm), ~320-2200nm (dominantly, ~320nm-1100nm), and ~4000-700nm.