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COLMAN-1 spectrometer system

Color Measurement and Absorbance System


I. Diffuse Reflectance Color Measurement System

Basic Operation

Turn on Software Turn on Integrating sphere Calibrate Dark/White reference  Measure samples.



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II. Transmission & Absorbance Measurement System

Compact Spectro-photometer

User interchangeable slit - allows you to vary the resolution of the spectrometer on demand


Easy to Use




Transmission (T) = I / I0

Absorbance (A) = - log10(T)








Featured Products for T/A Measurement

  • The direct attach light source (ASB-W-005) and built-in cuvette holder to the front of an SM245 UV-Vis spectrometer
  • System for measuring absorbance and transmission of liquid samples in a cuvette and coated thin film.