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About Spectral Products


Spectral Products serves a global market through direct sales and worldwide representatives. We offer various spectrometers, monochromators, light sources, accessories and special OEM designs to meet custom specifications. The products are widely used in industrial, laboratory, research and scientific applications including: environmental, semiconductor, biomedical, educational, petrochemicals, spark, pulp/paper, pharmaceutical, polymers, mining/metals, and process monitoring as well as controls.


The innovative direct drive technique, introduced by Spectral Products more than a decade ago, has since revolutionized computer based spectrometers and spectrophotometers leading to high performance instruments at a lower cost. Spectral Products is now a leading provider of spectral measurement instrumentation for applications in the Visible, UV & NIR ranges. We are able to offer flexibility in our instrument configurations. Our strength in working with system designers and end users has made our products suitable for industrial, laboratory, research and scientific applications. We bring excellence to special OEM applications.


Spectral Products is a world leader in optical instrumentation technology and products. Formerly a division of CVI Laser, Spectral Products builds on its rich heritage and extensive technical knowledge to offer a broad range of innovative solutions from components to systems and modules. Spectral Products is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of optical instruments including spectrometers, monochromators, spectrographs, spectrophotometers, spectrum analyzers, detection systems, light sources as well as fiber optic cables and couplers.


In the 1980s advances in micro-controller technology inspired a revolution in optical instrumentation. Spectral Products introduced the first total microprocessor-controlled, direct drive scanning monochromator in 1987. The award-winning design eliminated the commonly used, but costly and unreliable, sine-bar drive for wavelength control. Today, the Spectral Products’ Digikröm line of monochromators combines microelectronics with precision optics while featuring computer control, direct digital drive, automatic grating changes andmotorized slits. This careful marriage of microcomputers with precision opto-mechanics is an example of why we are now the world leader in low-cost high performance spectroscopic systems.


Headquartered in Putnam, Connecticut, Spectral Products' focus on quality, value and service has created an innovative approach to manufacturing and design. With employees in Putnam, Connecticut, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Seoul, South Korea, Spectral Products continues the tradition of design innovation, high quality products and exceptional value.