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Semiconductor Industry

Optical Emission Spectroscopy & End Point Detection

In semiconductor manufacturing, spectrometers are used for measuring the emission spectrum from a plasma chamber in real time and for diagnosis of manufacturing processes and analysis of materials such as optical emission spectrometer (OES) and end point detection (EPD).


Spectrometers monitor time trends of specific wavelengths related with the gases in plasma chambers. The manufacturing process can be optimized by detecting a change in the plasma status, control of the process variables and leakage detection.


Spectral Products has experience to work with big semiconductor manufacturer like SAMSUNG for establishing the optical emission detecting systems. ​


With the help of some analyzing software, the optical emission spectrometer systems can be eventually set up as end point detection systems. SPOES (Self-plasma optical emission spectrometer) consists of a plasma generator and an OES system. It can be also used for diagnosis of non-plasma process. Our spectrometers are used for sensing modules of SPOES systems or analysis of NIR phenomenon of gases in plasma chambers.