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IR Emitter


- Coil-wound
- Rugged and reliable
- Operates at 975℃ when powered with 11W


- Silicon nitride
- Rugged and reliable
- Operates at 1120℃ when powered with 18W


ASB-IR series IR emitters are general light sources for IR range spectroscopic applications. The coiled filament operates at approximately 975°C when powered with 11 watts (ASB-IR-12K) and the silicon nitride rod operates at 1120°C when powered with 18 watts (ASB-IR-18K). The radiating element is a coil of resistance wire which has a high emissivity in the Infrared spectral region (from ~1.0µm to 30.0µm). The coil is supported on a grooved cylindrical substrate of alumina, resulting in the windings being electrically insulated from each other and this contributes to a more uniform radiating source.