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Infrared Spectroscopy

InGaAs, PbS, PbSe Arrays

Spectral Products provides various IR array detectors (InGaAs, PbS, and PbSe) covering from 900nm up to 5500nm. By measuring the IR spectra, we can analyze the components of a material quantitatively. Some scientific algorithm like Chemometrics helps to realize the highly repeatable and extremely fast analyzing system compared with conventional chemical/physical analyzing methods.


Spectral Products have some experience to develop an analyzing system (using our SM301 and SM304) measuring the Nitrogen, Phosphor, and Potassium concentration in livestock's liquid manure.

By establishing the correlation between the acquired (reference) values measured from conventional physical/chemical methods and the IR spectrum data measured from our IR spectrometers using some scientific algorithms, a very simple but powerful system can be realized to replace the old technology.