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Fluorescence & Raman Spectroscopy

DNA Research and Testing

The measurement of fluorescence, phosphorescence and opto-chemical emission spectrum is required in many applications like organic and inorganic fluorescence property studies, chemical property analysis, and the research on the components and their lifetimes of some gases. The array detector based or monochromator based spectrometer systems are used in this field. And the application of the spectrometers is being expanded to the studies of the DNA structures and testing the condition of foods, and many more biological and medical applications. Our spectrometers are also used in various luminescence applications.


Spectrometer systems are also the basic instruments for measuring Raman scattering in the analysis of the chemical components, and the research on the structure, stability, and biological properties of various materials. Because there is no interference between Raman scattering and water, Raman spectroscopic method can acquire a lot of information from any solid, liquid, and gas materials more easily than any traditional FT-IR method.

There are a lot of needs for portable Raman systems these days. Spectral Products' back-thinned TE Cooled CCD spectrometer (SM303) has a compact design with a high signal-to-noise ratio and high dynamic range so it can be a good candidate for the portable Raman applications. The Fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy require good cut-off filters. With the accumulated experiences of our Optics Division (Spectral Optics) in the optical coating industry, we believe that we can serve and fulfill customers' requirements and demands in confidence.