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ASBN-D130 DEEP UV Light Source

Optimum UV Illumination for Fiber Optics



The ASBN-D130 is a deep UV ultraviolet deuterium light source for the 180-400nm (max. 160-400nm) region. It has been designed to provide the maximum possible illumination either directly or through an optical fiber. The ASBN-D130 consists of one 30 watt deep UV deuterium lamp, a housing, and a regulated power supply. The housing contains a 1" quartz doublet (f#/1.0, 1X) assembly for maximum possible illumination to the optical fiber.

The 30 watt deuterium lamp used in the ASBN-D130 has an average lifetime of 1,000 hours under regulated conditions. The life end is defined as the time when the UV region radiant intensity falls below 50% of its initial value or when output fluctuation exceeds 0.03%. The power supply provided with the ASBN-D130 is a dc current-regulated one. This assures maximum stability and lifetime of the lamp.

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Lamp Type: Deuterium with fused silica jacket, mounted and pre-aligned
Power input: 30W (nominal) per each lamp
Lamp Current: 300 ± 30mA DC
Average Life: 1000 hours (nominal)
Lamp Housing 1" quartz doublet (f#/1, 1X) collection lens
Convection cooled
Dimensions: 12.6L x 5.6H x 10.7W inches
Power Supply Power input: 115 VAC - 50/60Hz 3amps, 230 VAC - 50/60Hz 1amp, optional
Power output: Constant Current DC, 60-120V DC selectable, 300mA DC
Regulation: +10mA
Stability: 100ppm/°C
Operating Temperature: 5 - 35°C
Warranty 1 year

Spare lamp (mounted and pre-aligned)
Specify whether fiber coupling or monochromator coupling

For fiber coupling: SMA, FC, or CS for specific fiber couplers

For monochromator coupling: CM or DK