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ASBN-DW-MINI Light Source

Miniature Hybrid Light Source



- Compact Size
- Low power consumption (6W)
- Low heat generation
- Easy coupling to optical fibers, measuring cells and capillaries
- Long lifetime
- Robust mode of operation


The ASBN-DW-MINI is a miniature UV-Vis light source with a continuous spectrum covering the whole range from deep UV to near Infrared (spectrum curve). This light source was developed in response to customer requests for a small UV-Light source with negligible heat generation. The features of this light source open the way for new solutions in small spectroscopy equipment and UV optics. Features are small size low power consumption (6 W) low heat generation easy coupling to optical fibers, measuring cells, and capillaries lifetime up to 3 years robust mode of operation. The ASBN-DW-MINI incorporates a miniature Deuterium Lamp with an electrode-less high frequency excited gas discharge lamp. The Deuterium Lamp features a small size, 3Watt power consumption, and negligible heat generation. It is a complete UV-Vis light source with a shine-through design deuterium lamp, a 0.25 Watt tungsten lamp, shutter, optical system, and SMA 905 connector or collimating output is set. All elements are mounted on a printed circuit board driven by an external 12 Vdc/600 mA power supply. Both lamps and the shutter can be controlled by a TTL signal.

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Lamp 3W Deuterium (185 - 400nm)
0.25W Tungsten-Halogen (400 - 1100nm)
Power Approximately 6W
12V DC / 0.6A DC
Relative Humidity max. 90% non-condensing
Ambient Temperature 5 - 35℃
Shutter Lamp off - Dark Current Measurement
TTL controlled
Functions Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen lamp can be triggered separately by a TTL signal
Bulb Lifetime Deuterium: > 1,000 hours (50% intensity loss)
Tungsten: > 2,000 hours
Connector SMA 905 Fiber connector or collimated output