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ASB-IR-18K light source

Optimum Illumination for IR range Spectroscopy (18K)


The ASB-IR-18K is designed for those customers who require higher temperatures and greater output from their infrared source. These emitters are manufactured using a patented silicon nitride material. The advanced ceramic technology ensures a very stable product. Their robust design ensures intrinsic physical and thermal strength. When operated at 12 volts/18 watts the ASB-IR-18K reaches 1170°C. These silicon nitride emitters are mounted in a 1 inch parabolic reflector (default) or an elliptical reflector (on request) for extremely efficient collimation of energy. This unit is our highest output IR product.





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Voltage 12.0V (AC or DC)
Temperature 1170°C
Current 1.6A
Power 19.2W
Emissivity >80%
Active Area 2.0mm (Diameter)
5.0mm (Length)