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ASC series Accessories

A Complete Spectral-Line Source


- Accomodates compact pencil-style calibration lamps.

- Provides highly repeatable wavelength, linewidth, and intensity calibration standards

- Allows quick-on / quick-pff instrument mounting. Features post mount for optical bench

- Five elemental emitters - Mercury (Hg), Neon (Ne), Xenon (Xe), Argon (Ar), Krypton (Kr).


The ASC Series spectral calibration lamp and lamp assembly constitute a complete spectral-line source. The AS260 lamp assembly consists of a power supply and lamp housing for the AS Series calibration line-source lamps. As a reference standard, the atomic emission of the AS Series lamps consists of discrete spectral lines of defined wavelength, spectral width and relative intensity. The stability makes them extremely useful for calibration, alignment, and resolution testing of spectrophotometric instrumentation, including monochromators, spectrographs, spectrophotometers and detectors. Five different calibration lamps are available: Mercury (Hg); Neon (Ne); Argon (Ar); Krypton (Kr); and Xenon (Xe). The Mercury lamp has strong spectral lines throughout the UV-VIS region. The Neon lamp has a large number of lines of mid to high intensity in the 800nm to 3400nm range, which makes it useful for resolution testing in the NIR region . There are also a number of closely spaced lines of similiar intensity over this wavelength range. The Xenon lamp's distribution of lines of moderate intensity between 800nm and 3500nm is useful for calibration in the IR. These emission lines are relatively close to wavelengths used by fiber optic communication systems for data transfer. Testing of fibers and detectors for these systems can be performed without the inherent high cost of lasers for light sources. The Argon line spectrum features a number of lines of consistent high intensity between 700nm and 1000nm. These lines at such a high intensity are excellent for calibration in that region. There are also several lines spaced less than 1 nm apart that can be used for resolution testing. 




ASC series Accessories


Sealed double bore fused silica tubing 


2 - 4 minutes

Lamp Lifetime

5,000 hours (500 hours for Neon)

Power Supply

110 to 230 VAC, 50 / 60Hz

Line Cord

6ft. (1.83m)
3-wire ground type SJ

Output Connection

16" (40.6cm) cord with polarized female connectors

Output Voltage

1600C rms, +10%, -0%

Output Current

0.018 A, +10%, -0%

Max. Ambient Temperature


Min. Ambient Temperature



AF2 series Fiber Optic Couplers