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AT-IS-1.5 1.5"Φ Integrating Sphere

​​AT-IS-1.5, 1.5" Integrating Sphere w/Built-in Tungsten Light Source


- 1.5" Integrating sphere combined with an 5W regulated Tungsten Halogen Light Source

- Detector Port with SMA interface

- 1/2" Full Size Port


Designed for color applications, this compact 1.5" integration sphere and light source can also be used as a low cost diffuse (uniform) light source for short distance applications. Standard unit includes SMA detector port connection and detector collection optic. 1/2" Full Size Port can be place aganist surface to be analyzed; small objects can also be inserted for analysis. Custom milled Spectralon interior provides excellent diffuse reflectance from 250nm to 2.5µm. Detector port can also be directly interfaced to Spectral Products' SM2xx series and SM4xx series spectrometers.

Please refer here for the detailed specification about the 5W tungsten-halogen light source.