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AT-IS-4 Integrating Sphere


- Integrated sphere with classical exterior
- 3 1" ports
- 1 1/2" port
- For visible to near IR range (400nm - 2400nm)


The AT-IS-4 Integrating Sphere is a classical spherical type integrating sphere and it come standard with Ba2SO4 coating (effective from 400nm - 2400nm and four orthogonal ports. Wall construction is cast aluminum (allows use of set screws). Each sphere is composed of two halves, each machined from solid aluminum stock. The AT-IS-4 Integrating Sphere has three 1-inch ports and one 1/2-inch port on the exterior. The post is height adjustable.


Depending on the application situation, certain port plugs, port reducers, or a fiber adapter can be provided. When purchasing the AT-IS-4, the post and mount will also be included, free of charge.