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CM Accessories

CM Accessories


Handheld control module.
2 Line x 20 character LCD display.
Allows local operation of CM110/CM112 monochromators and CMSP 110/112 spectrographs


Single filter carrier that mounts directly between CM unit and accessories


For use with CM110. Infrared (gold) coatings on CM110 mirrors. 
Enhances transmission by up to 40% between 600 - 1100nm. 
(Not suitable for work below 600nm)


For use with CM112. Infrared (gold) coatings on CM112 mirrors.
Enhances transmission by up to 80% between 600 - 1100nm.

Special Slit Sizes

CMFS 010 Pair: 10µm slits
CMFS 020 Pair: 20µm slits
CMFS 025 Pair: 25µm slits
CMFS 050 Pair: 50µm slits


 An output module designed to work with both CM and DK model monochromators. The adjustable position of the internal lens allows the user to condense or collimate for UV to NIR wavelengths.


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