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f# Matching Fiber Optic Adapters




- High Efficiency
- Enables precise alignment
- Provides a broad spectral range
- UV grade lenses
- Allows quick connect/disconnect
- While maintaining alignment
- Use on input or output ports
- Connects SMA, FC,/PC, or ST
- 10mm ⌀ Fiber Connectors


The AF-L Series of Fiber Optic Adapters will optically match the Numerical Aperture of a SP fiber (NA=0.22) to the f/# of a SP Monochromator or spectrograph while mechanically joining the two. As an input adapter, the AF-L Series focuses the light from the fiber onto the entrance slit. The magnified fiber image fills more of the slit. All of the light entering the slit strikes the grating. The efficiency of this coupling is 4 to 20 times better than a direct non-matched coupling. As an output adapter, the AF-L Series focuses the light from the exit slit onto the fiber. The demagnified slit image concentrates light onto the fiber's face and takes advantage of the fiber's "faster" collection angle. The efficiency of this coupling is 2 to 4 times better than direct non-matched coupling. The AF-L Series allow three axes of precise fiber translation translation. Precision of better than 0.001" in linear movement is typical. Because UV lenses are standard, the AF-L Series provides better than 90% transmission from 200nm to 1900nm.