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ASB-W-020 20W Tungsten-Halogen Fiber Light Source

​​ASB-W-020 20W Tungsten-Halogen Fiber Light Source


- Offers excellent color temperature stability
- Provides illumination for applications through optical fiber
- Focus adjustable light source SMA and fiber bundle adapter
- Features built-in current regulation



The ASB-W-020 is a complete light source assembly with a tungsten-halogen lamp that emits in the 300 to 2500 nanometer (nm) wavelength region. It has been designed to transfer the maximum possible illumination to a variety of fibers. The tungsten-halogen lamp of the ASB-W-020 is a near blackbody source of light with a built-in fused silica lens that focuses the light on the fiber. Figure 1 shows blackbody spectral distributions at various color temperatures in Kelvin (K). The ASB-W-020 spectral distributions resemble those of Figure 1 out to about 2500nm, beyond which the transmission of the fused silica lens limits the output. In addition to the 20 Watt tungsten-halogen lamp (SP # ASB-W-020B), the ASB-W-020 features a lamp housing and a current regulator to assure a stable output. The housing contains an adjustable lamp mount. A variety of flanges allow the mounting of different fiber terminations, from a single fiber to bundles. The 20 Watt tungsten-halogen lamp used in the ASB-W-020 has a nominal color temperature of 3100 K and the regulated power input assures an average life of 2000 hours. The power supply provided with the ASB-W-020 is a wall plug-in type. Please click here to view the manual for this light source.

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Lamp Tungsten-Halogen (TH)
Power Wall transformer: 100-240 Vac: 50 / 60Hz to 24Vdc @2.0 amps
Current Regulation Built-in ±0.4%
Color Temperature 3,000°K
Bulb Life 2,000 hrs. avg. (nominal)
Spectral Distribution Near blackbody
Housing Aluminum
Force air-cooled
Limited focus adjustment
Connector SMA Fiber connector Type 905
Dimensions 3.8L x 2.3H x 2.1W inches
9.8L x 5.9H x 5.7W cm
Weight 11 oz
0.3 kg

Spare Lamp: ASB-W-020B

Mounting flange for 10mm fiber bundle

Optical bench mounts

Warranty 1 year