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ASB-W-005 5W Tungsten-Halogen Fiber Light Source

​​ASB-W-005 5W Tungsten-Halogen Fiber Light Source


- Provides optimal illumination to fiber optics for remote applications
- Offers excellent color temperature stability
- Use with SP's SM series spectrometers
- Contains internal current regulation


This lamp is a near Black Body source of light in the visible to near IR spectral region. It has been designed to produce the maximum illumination from a Black Body source into a fiber bundle. The lamp assembly comes in a 5 watt tungsten/halogen lamp configuration, an aluminum housing, and a wall transformer as a power supply. The power input is regulated inside the lamp housing to assure a ± 0.4% stability over the current range. Current regulation ensures color temperature stability. The tungsten/halogen lamp used inside the lamp has a nominal color temperature of 2800ºK and an average life of 10,000 hours at this color temperature.





Lamp Tungsten-Halogen (TH)

Wall transformer

115 VAC: 50 / 60Hz to 12 VDC @0.8 amps

220 VAC version available

Current Regulation

± 0.4%

Mean Spherical Candlepower 3.3
Color Temperature 2,800°K
Bulb Life 10,000 hrs. avg
Housing Aluminum
Convection cooled
1/4? - 20T in base for post mounting
Connector SMA Fiber connector type 905
Dimensions 3.8L x 2.3H x 2.1W inches
9.8L x 5.9 x 5.7W cm
Weight 11oz (0.3 kg)
Options Specify SM, FC, ST, CL, or CS for specific fiber couplers