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CM110 Compact 1/8m Monochromator

Digikröm CM110 The Leader: Price, Performance, Versatility



- Compact size [5.25 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches]
- Connects to any computer via standard RS 232 interface
- Double grating turret allows for a broad spectral range coverage
- May be factory configured as a monochromator or a spectrograph
- Scans in both directions and in nanometers, Ångstroms, microns, wave-numbers, or eV
- Change slits on the fly
- Monochromator may be factory configured for right angle or straight through beam path.
- Suitable for fluorescence, radiometry, process control, colorimetry, tunable filtering, Raman spectroscopy, among others.


Single piece base construction, direct grating drive, and anti-backlash gearing ensure this unit is rugged and stable enough for demanding applications. Loaded with SP Optics and able to hold two high quality gratings, the CM110 is ideal for spectrometry in the UV to IR spectra. Each instrument is calibrated and certified prior to delivery and comes with easy-to-use software.





Design Czerny-Turner : Dual grating turrets
Focal Length 110mm
f/# 3.9
Beam Path Straight through standard - right angle provided on request
Wavelength Drive Worm and wheel with micro-processor control and anti-backlash gearing
Bi-directional. Usable in positive or negative grating orders
Wavelength Precision 0.2nm (with 1200gv/mm grating)
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.2nm (with 1200gv/mm grating)
Slewing Speed > 100nm/s
Stray Light 10-5

Standard set includes: 0.125mm, 0.15mm, 0.30mm, 0.60mm, 1.20mm, & 2.4mm x 4.0mm

For other sizes, consult SP

Band Pass < 1nm (with 1200g/mm grating and 0.15mm slit pairs)
Gratings 1 to 2 gratings. (30 x 30mm) must be purchased
See CM gratings options page.
Software Demonstration control program and LabView driver included
Power UL listed 110 / 220V power pack
Interface standard: RS 232 
Weight 1.15kg
Warranty 1 year
- Handheld control module with function keys and display for local control
- RS 232 to USB interface cables
- Gold optics
See accessories for more options