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SMProMX v5.7.14

jpark 2020.06.25 12:37 Views : 2173

The new operating software!!!


This is the new operating software for our SM series spectrometers.

It supports all our spectrometers, except some old SM24x series that don't support EEPROM access on 64bit OS.


Software Link:

Please read the software manual in the zip file for the details.

The current version is v5.7.14. Please click the link below to download the SMProMX v5.7.14.



  • Added SM N series drivers.
  • Fixed some bugs on multi-channel configuration with different detector spectrometers
  • Fixed some errors on the Irradiance mode



  • This software installation program may not contain very old drivers or very new drivers. To avoid any driver missing, please install the latest SM32Pro (basic operating software) first to install the old/new drivers completely.


Please let us know if you find any program bugs while using this new software.